Why WorkkroW


Effective hiring starts at the source.

We believe hiring better can unlock an organization’s true potential. That means starting with people who are qualified for the role and fit your organization’s needs like a glove. By combining the power of intelligent automation with human intelligence, we’re able to deliver the best candidates every time.

At WorkkroW, we don’t just rely on technology. Sure, our applicant tracking platform is best-in-class. It streamlines hiring and makes scaling a breeze. But we also know how valuable the human aspect is during the hiring process. We’ve been immersed in the hiring and recruitment arena for years — we know every online sourcing tactic there is and how to use each one to get fast results.

The reason we’re so good at what we do is we build sourcing strategies that are focused on both passive and active candidates. Our goal isn’t to throw a pile of candidates your way and let the technology do the rest. Through strategy and experience, we help you fill roles with the people that will build up your business. We’ll find you the best of the best.

We’re a team of sourcing specialists who will connect you with highly qualified candidates so you can hire top talent.



We get it. The wrong candidate can throw a wrench in your entire operation. That’s why we don’t leave room for error in the hiring process. We’ll build a custom sourcing strategy to ensure you fill your pipeline with candidates that resonate with your company culture and have the right qualifications. Recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult. It never is when you partner with WorkkroW’s sourcing specialists.

It’s our aim to ensure you can fill your roles quickly and efficiently. It all starts with expert sourcing. Let us find the best people for you.


Our proactive sourcing approach is what separates us from the average ATS platform: We aim to help you stay ahead of the hiring lifecycle with a strategic, big picture approach that keeps you one, two, three, or more steps ahead.


Streamlining begins by establishing a clear understanding of the entire hiring process. It’s critical to have an accurate job description that ensures the job title, requirements, and responsibilities are clear and contain keywords that ideal candidates will search for. Your job postings should also be easy to find and widely marketed on job boards, your company career site, and social media.


The hiring decision process is a series of many steps. And the more you know about the entire process, the more success you will have at each stage. Data-driven insights can help you identify and plug the gaps in your hiring process, thereby reducing unconscious bias and improving the quality of your hires.


We automate the cumbersome process of hiring through our artificial intelligence technology to deliver smart results. By adding this key functionality to our applicant tracking system (ATS), you get better recommendations and make better choices when examining new applications for specific positions.

Ready to hire smarter?